super meat boy forever
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super meat boy forever

  13 Apr 2019
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super meat boy forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is an upcoming independent video game developed by Team Meat for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Originally planned as a mobile-only version of Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever was gradually developed into a full-fledged sequel featuring a new control scheme and randomly generated levels.

Super Meat Boy Forever expands on Super Meat Boy's challenging gameplay, as well as the main villain Dr. Fetus. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's child Nugget has been kidnapped by Dr. Fetus and the couple must work together to rescue her. Both characters can kick and punch enemies and must avoid deadly obstacles to find Nugget. The control scheme uses two buttons. Levels are randomly generated based on the player's skill level using premade "chunks" created by the designers.

💎  Developer: Team Meat
💎  Publisher: Team Meat
💎  Composer: Jon Evans - Matthias Bossi
💎  Genre: Platform
💎  Platform: PC - PS4 - Xbox One - Nintendo Switch - Linux - Android - iOS
💎  Mode: Single-player

Author: Akram Montazeri Hedesh

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