(Collector's Edition - Full Hidden Objects)

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A young man was looking at a beautiful and green Land from far away. He was Ivar. In a moonlight night a terrifying dragon attacks the Castle and thereafter, their Land loses its flourishing condition and magnificence. Ivar asked the King about the attack and the reason behind so much destruction …

This game contains these features:

  1. Play as Ivar and uncover the secrets of Narcissus in a mysterious story
  2. 3 Difficulty Levels
  3. Explore 28 engrossing 3d unique scenes
  4. Search 16 Hidden-Object scenes featuring over 480 hidden objects with the ability to zoom and pan
  5. 2 Mini-Games of extreme challenge
  6. Collect 37 Items
  7. Meet with 12 intriguing Characters on your journey
  8. Atmospheric Soundtrack with interesting Sound Effects
  9. Full Strategy Guide Support
  10. Support 6 Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, 한국어, Español, فارسی 

Full Strategy Guide (Click on images to see more)

@willihard (Full Strategy Guide on Instagram)


(Full Strategy Guide on Instagram)