Watch Ellen Play Fortnite With Ninja
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Watch Ellen Play Fortnite With Ninja

  16 Oct 2018
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Watch Ellen Play Fortnite With Ninja

You can tell a game has hit it big when it starts appearing on the talk show circuit. Fortnite has made a handful of appearances outside the traditional gaming media and now hit once again with an extended spot on Ellen. In it, host Ellen DeGeneres explained following a rabbit hole from the Orange Justice dance to Fortnite to the notable streamer, Ninja.

Ninja made an appearance on the show, ostensibly to explain how to play and show Ellen the ins and outs. The result is a lot like fellow talk show host Conan O'Brien's ongoing Clueless Gamer, with the host cracking jokes at her own expense against the backdrop of playing a game.

Those seeking advice on how to play Fortnite like Ninja will have to look elsewhere, though, as the lesson only touches on the barest essentials of the game. Ellen comedically bumbles her way through very slowly dropping into position, finding and promptly wasting her one firearm, and ultimately getting killed. Not quite enough to get rich streaming.

For actual tips on Fortnite, check out our challenges guide to get the most out of your Battle Pass. This season the Darkness Rises theme brings all sorts of new skins and cosmetics like the Dire Wolf. It also brought a destructive new vehicle and it appears that more Halloween themed cosmetics are on the way.

Watch Ninja on Twitch here!

Author: Steve Watts at GameSpot

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