Arena of Valor - Best choice for Mobile Gaming
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Arena of Valor - Best choice for Mobile Gaming

  27 Dec 2017
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Arena of Valor - Best choice for Mobile Gaming

Arena of Valor, also translated as King of Glory and Strike of Kings, is a multiplayer online battle arena published by Tencent Games. In July 2017, it was reported that the game had over 80 million daily active players and 200 million monthly active players. It is the world's most profitable (top grossing) game and most popular free-download app. In September 2017, Nintendo has announced a partnership with Tencent to bring the game on Nintendo Switch, due to the game's tremendous popularity.

The gameplay of Kings of Glory highly resembles another game published by Tencent, League of Legends.

The Chinese version of the game requires either a Tencent QQ account or a WeChat account. Other versions of the game can be played as guest, which will later link his/her progress to a Facebook account. The Garena AOV versions of the game (published by Garena) require either a Garena or a Facebook account. However the servers are not completely in sync. If using the same account type on different platform, multiplayer with your WeChat friend is possible however many functions in game are disabled (daily gifting, profile viewing and clan inviting). Different account types cannot access the other's matchmaking queue, even on the same platform.

In September 2017, Nintendo announced a deal with Tencent to bring Kings of Glory to the Nintendo Switch. As the console is not yet sold in China at this point in time, analysts anticipate that to support this deal, Nintendo will be releasing the console in China by 2019.

💎  Developer: Timi Studio Group
💎  Publisher: Tencent Games
💎  Composer: Chamber Orchestra of London
💎  Genre: Battle Arena
💎  Platform: iOS - Android - Nintendo Switch
💎  Mode: Multiplayer

Author: Akram Montazeri Hedesh

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