AppyParking will give you hours of your life back

If you've ever found yourself driving in circles looking for a parking space in the absurdly congested streets of London, AppyParking is for you.

Fire up the app and you're presented with a colour-coded map showing you exactly what parking is available where – from electric charging stations to disabled and motorbike bays. It'll even flag up free parking depending on the time of day and take account of parking restrictions around events. It all started with a show, explains AppyParking founder Dan Hubert. "I was going to a gig at the Royal Albert Hall, and there were literally miles of single yellow line with no-one was parked on it; all the paid bays were taken. So I asked a passing traffic warden if I could park on the single yellows, and he said, 'Yes, after 6:30'. There was a sign about two streets down; which is not very handy."

London's streets are cluttered with such arcane parking restrictions; some streets sit empty while others are clogged with cars looking for a space. The solution was seemingly obvious; create an app that overlaid parking data on a map. Unfortunately, while municipal data for services like public transport is freely available for developers to use, there isn't any such one-stop shop for parking information. "When I started ringing up councils, they said, "Ooh, we haven't got anything digitised, we've got some old maps with dust on them, and some PDFs buried within the archives of the parking website," says Hubert.

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