Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4

NEW YORK — Apple is days away from announcing its new iPhones, and we’re expecting larger-screen models. Samsung is trying to get ahead of this announcement with two new giant handsets. Meet the 5.6-inch Galaxy Note Edge and the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note Edge
The Galaxy Note Edge is a first-of-its-kind smartphone with a display that wraps around the phone’s right side. The screen looks as though it’s cascading off the phone’s edge, hence its name.

The curved part of the Note Edge’s display is independent of the main screen, but it’s also a fully functional touchscreen. in fact, Samsung has moved the traditional apps shortcuts found on the bottom of its phones’ home screens — such as the dialer, your contacts, Web browser, camera, and others — to the Edge’s side screen.

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