Viber Download – All You Need To Know About Best Messaging App

For those of you who don’t know, Viber is a Voice Over Internet Protocol that has gained quite a significant amount of popularity among consumers. Viber was initially released as a direct contender for the world’s most used application of this kind, Skype. Although Skype has its broad clientele on the PC platform (it has crossed over to mobile as well, in the meantime), Viber started the other way around, debuting on the mobile platform, and slowly working its way up to the computer version. You can use Viber on your PC as long as you have the app installed on your mobile phone as well. There are ways around this, however, where you don’t need the mobile app installed. Although it managed to achieve a great deal of success so far, Viber is still evolving, and aiming to reach Skype’s current status. The app is not completely free, however, even though many might think the opposite. You need Viber credits if you want to call a landline phone, and you might want to consider their Viber Out program. It costs you an extra buck, but you get incredibly lower prices for calling all over the globe.

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