Get Pizza Delivered Anywhere With the Push of a Button

Do you ever find yourself staring at a stack of pizza menus, thinking “do I want classic Neapolitan?” “Or what about a Margherita pie?” “Or am I inebriated enough to get the loaded Buffalo chicken blue-cheese stuffed-crust behemoth from down the block?” 

Meet the Push for Pizza app: an app that takes any and all complication out of ordering pizza.

Whereas Seamless, Domino’s, et al  are trying to give you more customization options, this app simply lets you press a button for pepperoni or plain, and BAM, through the magic of GPS locators, a pizza delivery man shows up at your door (or wherever you are) like adelicious-ex-machina.  You don’t even have to scrounge for a few singles for tip — it’s already included in the ordering process.

The anytime/anywhere app was created by a group of college friends (because, of course) and is being heralded as “the Uber of pizza.”

Check out the intro video for the boys’ re-enactment of their “a-ha moment,” and download the app itself.

Flickr Commons: Andreanna Moya

Flickr Commons: Andreanna Moya

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