Top 10 iOS Apps For August 2014

iOS 8 launch will change a lot about how we use the apps on our iDevices. But one thing will remain steady— the tremendous increase in the number of apps in App Store. To save you the hassle of finding apps, here are the top 10 apps you should check out right now on App Store.

1. MyRoll

MyRoll is a mobile gallery app that collates and displays all your best photos as moments. It analyzes each photo according to make-up. The “make-up” here takes in account in-focus, smiling faces, bright colors and other things that make an image a good looking one.

2. 3DBin

With this app, the user can create a 3D animated 360 and 180-degree photo of any object they click. After you are done clicking the photos, 3DBin stitches them together to create a 3D effect.

3. Wiper

Wiper is a messaging app just like Whatsapp but takes it a step ahead by its “delete all” feature. This “delete all” feature permanently deletes your conversations with one click. By delete all it means – a total wipe out from sender’s phone, recipient’s phone and even the company’s own servers.

4. Anchor Pointer 

If you are bad with directions, then Anchor Pointer can prove to be your best companion. Using the app, you can anchor each landmark on your way to return to specific points where you started from. You can also virtually anchor places you have visited or would like to visit in future.

5. Haste

Haste is a word search puzzle game built around real time. You can connect with Facebook friends or else enter as guest to challenge random players.

6. Wunderlist

From how-to guides to reading recommendations, Wunderlist is capable of giving you lists about almost any topic you wish. Also, you can make your to-do lists and it will sync that list with other reminders you have saved on your phone.

7. Flowboard

If you spend a lot of time making presentations, Flowboard is the best app you can possibly find. You can integrate navigation elements, links to documents, videos, image galleries and more. It’s a cut above Powerpoint and even Keynote.  Moreover, the presentation is compatible with both Windows as well as iOS.

8. Tinker

Tinker organizes task into duration based goals. For example, pick yoga. You can set a starting time, ending time, duration and also set a particular date. After you are done feeding in the particulars, just hit ‘tick’ and you are good to go!

9. YouTube Creator Studio


Creator Studio is an app by Google which lets Youtube channel owners manage their channels, including checking stats, responding to comments and setting up customized push notifications.

10. Timeful

Timeful is an artificial intelligence calendar app. The app learns from your daily schedule and accordingly prioritizes and designates tasks. The app is able to read behavior through a technology called “Intention Genome” that classifies the types of activities you have on your list and ranks them accordingly.

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