Apple Updates Privacy Policies Relating to Health App

It seems that everyone around the world is waiting for September 9, specifically the event that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is going to hold. This is because the much awaited iPhone 6 and the new Health App will be unveiled on that day. One important thing to note is that while there are tons of people awaiting the new smartphone, there are also tons who are interested about theHealthKit and Health app.

Health is crucial and everyone knows it. Pollution is very real and the number of health hazards we face each day are pretty numerous. With a tool that can help us monitor our health regularly, we can easily determine any abnormalities and schedule a visit with a doctor. HealthKit will do exactly that. The tool will help one track blood pressure, heart rate and other vital information. Apple’s privacy rules regarding the app have changed to explicitly disallow any third party apps from obtaining the information.

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