Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini 2

In this weekly poll installment we’re putting the two best-equipped portable slates around – the newly-arrived Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 against the market-leading Apple iPad mini 2.

When announcing the Galaxy Tab S series Samsung was eager to place them side to side with Retina Apple’s iPads because seeing is believing. Samsung has pushed the resolution to new heights with an insane 1600 x 2560, beating the iPad mini 2′s 1536 x 2048 by a lot – the pixel density is 359 ppi against 324 ppi in favor of the Samsung slate.

Another thing that Samsung eagerly pointed a finger at is the screen tech – LCD vs Super AMOLED, the latter having unmatched contrast, deep saturated colors and unbeatable level of blacks. But Apple’s iPad mini 2 still offers one of the best screens around.

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