Line Messenger App makes efforts to popularize itself in the US

With the advent of the massive wave of instant messaging apps on mobile platforms, competition is now cut throat amongst the apps, especially because of cross platform compatibility. The giants in this regards are WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Skype.

There is another name in the far-east, that could be of equal competition to the aforesaid names, and that is Line Messenger.

Line Messenger is the biggest messaging app name in Japan and somehow believes that its popularity would not be restricted to Japan only. It has set its eyes on US and is aiming to become the biggest name there as well.

There is no feature in Line that is unique. To be true, its real utility lies in the fact that it has provided the perfect amalgamation of all your favorite messaging apps, which actually gives you a whole range of functions, other than just free chatting. With line, you can get to make free video calls like in Skype, Viber or Facebook Messenger and you can also get free stickers like Facebook Messenger or path.

Apart from this, photo and video timelines would remind you of Instagram Direct and Self destructing messages hold the essence of Snapchat.

The best aspect of Line is its cross platform compatibility. Line will run on anything – Windows Phone and BlackBerry included. Although the app user interface is slightly confusing, Line does a very good job by bringing forth a whole ecosystem of apps and games to you, all in the messenger itself. The Line Library has a huge collection of games like puzzles, racing games, monster hunting games, football games and other genres.

On the downside, all stickers and themes are chargeable. If you do not wish to pay, you can download all the Line apps that provide you credits for using them. The apps are all completely Japan oriented and may not appeal to people all over the world, unless they are fascinated by Japanese culture.

It’s amazing to see the network line has created in terms of corporate tie-ins; Line has partnered with Disney, Real Madrid, and Paul McCartney for stickers and games to name just a few. Unfortunately, the Japanese themes don’t work very well with people around the world, especially with US.

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