Skype vs Viber

If you own a smart device (be it a smartphone, phablet or tablet), you most likely have or had at some time the apps Skype and Viber. The two apps are very popular social free apps, but how do we know which one is the best? If you’re looking to download any of these, keep reading for a comparison between the two applications to figure out which are their best suits.

Starting up the apps

When you first start up the Skype app, there will be three tabs where you need to enter your email address, username and password. To add contacts to your Skype you need to manually add them by their username/email address.

Viber goes through a little more in-depth process. You first have to submit your phone number, and a confirmation text message will be sent to that number. After entering the code received with the text, Viber will start downloading your list of contacts. You will be left with three categories of contacts: first is one filled with the contacts that have the Viber app, the second will be with the ‘Viber Out’ contacts – contacts that don’t have the Viber app installed, and the last one will have both categories.

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