Smosh’s ‘Food Battle’ Video Game Now Available On iOS, Android

Smosh‘s annual Food Battle is coming soon, and this year, it will be accompanied by its own game. The YouTube channel created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla has released Food Battle: The Game, an action RPG now available for iOS and Android.

In the Food Battle game, players control digital versions of Hecox and Padilla as they swing celery swords, drop burrito bombs, and do battle with donuts. The game is based on Smosh’s long-running series, which pits Hecox and Padilla against each other in a series of silly “challenges” related to specific food items. The 2014 edition arrives on YouTube on November 21st, and a trailer for it was just released on the Smosh channel, which has more than 19.2 million subscribers. 

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