Netflix Update For Android Brings Easier Search

Netflix have given their android app a makeover, and the latest version makes it easier to spend more time watching movies and shows by making the search easier.

Netflix announced the update on their blog explaining that the app now has the visual presentation style for search results just like it’s bigger computer and game console cousins.

The search results now shows cover art from movies and TV shows in a grid view. The grid cover art allows users to see more results at once on touch screen hand held devices. After selecting a chosen video, users can add it to “My List”, start playback on the device, or use Chromecast or AirPlay to send it to a big screen TV. Subscribers of Netflix can also manage their subscriptions from their Android tablet and smartphone. The app also supports post playback.

iPhone users can relax as well, an update for iOS devices is due out soon. The new app can be found on Google Play.

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