Walking War Robots iOS Game Review

Mobile multiplayer action gaming can be a thing of misery. Overhyped, underwhelming games built on shaky netcode and nonsensical matchmaking, most of the time we’re left disappointed and annoyed. Walking War Robots does well to buck that trend, and while it’s not perfect it is definitely a big plundering mech stomp in the right direction.

Should we trouble with you with the details of the backstory? Ok, well it’s your traditional “world gone mad” post-apocalyptic scenario, complete with obligatory faction wars to take control of what’s left. A dystopian future, where hulking mechs take to the streets to battle for domination. So, a largely forgettable narrative then. Still, we’re not here for the story; we’re here to blow things up. And in that regard, Walking War Robots delivers. Based on small mech squads lining up for online team-based battle, things quickly get heated in a flurry of bullets.

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