All iOS games from Great Big War Game developer Rubicon are free this weekend only

Rubicon has readied a blowout as explosive as its flagship warfare strategy games this weekend.

From today, Oct. 24, through Monday, Oct. 27, all of Rubicon’s paid iOS titles are free to download on the App Store. Rubicon head Paul Johnson says that the studio is hoping to increase its market visibility with this limited-time game giveaway:

We’re trying a bit of an experiment this weekend, trying to gain some visibility for ourselves. Sales are old hat these days, so we’ve decided to go one better and just give all our games away, totally free, for this weekend only. Yep, FREE. You can check for yourselves if you don’t believe me. Of course we’ll lose income doing this, but the hope is that the media will pick this up, raise our profile somewhat and we’ll see a net win further down the road. I have no idea if this will work or not, but there’s one way to find out – just do it!

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