Game of Thrones Ascent adds The Long Night expansion pack on iOS and Android

While Tolkien fans get tons of games to play across different platforms, the choices for Game of Thrones (or “A Song of Ice and Fire” in case you’ve read George R. R. Martin’s work) loyalists are limited. Luckily, we have a few options available though, Game of Thrones Ascent being one of them. Developed by Kongregate, Game of Thrones Ascent is a strategic role-playing game that is based on the books and the popular Game of Thrones TV series.

Now, the game has been given its first expansion pack named ‘The Long Night’. The update focuses around the north and the wall where you’ll need to fend of hordes of white walkers and stop a new plague brought down by wights and wildlings into the Gift from spreading further. The game also features new Tactics and Quartermaster modes. Tactics include Alliance and Member Tactics, with the former affecting your team and the latter your own character.

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