How Safe Is Your Mobile Messaging App?

Are mobile messaging apps the future of social networking?

While that remains to be seen, the fact is these social mobile messaging apps are quickly taking over SMS and are now among the most popular and most downloaded applications on both iTunes and Google Play.  Just check your smartphone and you probably have a couple of these apps already pre-installed, much like how Facebook and Twitter have become default apps as well. 

It’s easy to understand why, while SMS is a great and quick way to send your friends and family a brief message, it is quite limited to the type of data it can contain and the amount of load/credits that you have. Social mobile messaging apps on the other hand, don’t charge you per message, and as long as you have internet connection (or could find free wifi) you can send all kinds of messages you want together with some animated characters and stickers to add emotion to your message—most  of these apps also allow you to make voice calls to anywhere in the world regardless of network carrier—for free. 

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