New Pokemon App, Camp Pokemon, Coming To IOS Devices Soon

A new Pokemon iOS app will be releasing soon, called Camp Pokemon.

The app was announced on the latest issue of National Geographic for Kids Magazine. No release date or price has been announced yet, but it will be coming to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The app will contain a variety of quizzes and minigames, such as Pokemon Evolution, Pokeball Throw, and Battle Match Ups. These are substantially similar or exactly the same as the minigames and activities that you can play on the Pokemon website.

Pokemon TCG Online, a free app that lets you play with your real life decks, as well as virtual decks, online, was released on iPad just last week. Much like this app and Pokemon TV, Camp Pokemon is likely to be a companion app. If this is the case, it is meant to keep the Pokemon brand visible, so it will probably be free.

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