The Best Fitness Trackers Compatible With Apple’s Health App

ONCE UPON A TIME, using a fitness tracker to monitor the number of steps you take (or hours you sleep) was not an undertaking to approach lightly. Because the point of wearing these gadgets is to get credit for your every physical exertion—whether a 60-minute Beach Body class or a 30-second walk to the fridge—you pretty much had to wear the same device from morning to night, even if the gizmo that was perfect for the gym was too sporty for the office. 

But with the introduction of Apple’s Health app, a free feature of iOS 8, all that has changed. It allows data collected by the apps of a range of health gadgets—from step-counting bracelets to glucose monitors—to be viewed in one place on an iPhone or iPod Touch, even if those gadgets are from different manufacturers.

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