Simpsons Fans Brace for the Greatest App of All Time

The Simpsons have managed to enjoy more success than any other sitcom on television, boasting 522 episodes that span over 25 seasons. In October, any fan with a cable package (important, because the show is still on the air) should turn their attention to an app due to be delivered by FXX accurately titled: The Simpsons World. Users of the app will be thrilled to discover they can stream any episode from the entire series library on any device –while also being able to browse shows, find popular quotes (using a database created by collecting text from closed captioning and imported episode scripts), and share memorable clips.

If you have seen more than a few episodes of The Simpsons, you will already be aware that the characters defy most of the laws of physics: nobody really ages (or dies, for the most part). This is why John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions was particularly excited, explaining that the non-linear rights they acquired for the show are revolutionary. What does it mean for fans? You can watch whatever episodes you want, in whatever order you want (paying no heed to the original broadcast order).

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